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Where healthtech

meets transition

Nestled at the crossroads of health and innovation, our solutions are designed to empower and support trans folx through their unique journey ✨
We are grateful to be working alongside supportive institutions.
who we are

We're a tech startup dedicated to making a positive impact.

We co-create solutions that truly reflect the needs by collaborating closely with:
Folks who really get it because they've been there
Supportive community groups
Health and wellness pros
Cool partners who are in it with us

Support is crucial,

and continued innovation enhances accessibility.

why we care

Join the effort to enhance trans health

Discrimination and

70%  of trans individuals report experiencing discrimination in healthcare settings, underscoring the need for respectful and inclusive solutions.

Healthcare access and

Many trans people struggle to find healthcare providers or support. Geographic and financial barriers exacerbate this issue.

Improvement in
Health outcomes

eHealth tools have been game-changers, especially in managing specific treatments like hormone therapies. They’re not just gadgets; they've been shown to improve well-being by offering care that truly understands.

Privacy and Data

Privacy and data security are essential to ensure safety, prevent discrimination, and protect right to control sensitive personal information. Moreover, it's vital that these efforts are by trans people for trans people.

Our commitment is to positively impact

Trans Folx

Not just creating tools but crafting a supportive digital environment, we design apps and resources with empathy to empower the trans community.


We weave digital magic into healthcare, providing innovative solutions that help medical professionals deliver care, ensuring every patient receives the same supportive care as any other.


Adding a sprinkle of ressources to the business world, with solutions that enable companies to better serve their trans clients while also supporting their employees through inclusive learning.

We perfected the flow for progress

thanks in part to our valued partners


We kick off by delving deep into the requirements, understanding the users inside out, and pinpointing the precise problems.

Ideation & design

Through collaborative brainstorming sessions and iterative design processes, we refine ideas until we achieve a design that not only meets the needs but also surpasses expectations.

Develop and maintain

With the design finalized, we leverage advanced tools to bring the final vision to life. Our commitment doesn't end with the launch – we provide ongoing support to ensure it continues to evolve and thrive.

We're really keen on connecting

because we believe that working together amplifies our impact.

Le Café des Transidentités

A source of information for trans people and those seeking information.


A national equal opportunities organization in favor of digital inclusion.


The European LGBTIQ Chamber of Commerce (EGLCC) is the advocacy group for LGBTIQ-owned businesses.


TransTech Social Enterprises is an incubator for LGBTQ Talent with a focus on economically empowering the T, transgender people, in our community.

Clubster NSL

Clubster NSL and the Lille University Hospital are joining forces on the project of creating an ecological and sanitary room.

CDS Berlin

The CSD Berlin Pride Board is the organizing body behind the Christopher Street Day (CSD) event in Berlin, one of the largest LGBTQ+ pride parades in Germany and Europe.


The European Professional Association for Transgender Health (EPATH) is a professional organization focused on promoting the health and well-being of transgender people in Europe.


As an intercommunal structure, MEL Lille coordinates various regional initiatives, aiming to improve the quality of life for its residents and enhance the region's attractiveness.


Transgender Europe (TGEU) is a network of different organisations working to combat discrimination against trans people and support trans people rights.


The first French collective dedicated to the emergence of digital solutions in mental health.

Trans Santé

TRANS SANTÉ France is a collegial association, made up of healthcare personnel and trans people who want better support for trans identity.

La French Care

The mission of La French Care is to create a dialogue between the many health stakeholders, public and private.


LGBT Tech conducts research about the use of tech by LGBTQ individuals, and we humbly incorporate their findings into our work.


The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is a non-profit, interdisciplinary professional and educational organization dedicated to promoting evidence-based care, education, research, advocacy, public policy, and respect in transgender health.

Business France

Business France is a national agency that supports the international development of the French economy.
To always learn and improve in order to create better world for the generations to come.
our work

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