TransÉcoute: Sharing experiences

Exploring how TransÉcoute enhances communication and support for trans folx in healthcare.
HIGO TECHS & Yakadir


At HIGO TECHS, our focus has always been on creating digital solutions that improve the well-being of trans people. We’re excited to share our collaboration with Yakadir, a platform developed by HEROIC Santé and Speech2Sense. Yakadir helps patients communicate their experiences with healthcare providers through text and voice messages, powered by advanced natural language processing (NLP). This partnership supports our goal of making healthcare more inclusive and responsive to the needs of trans people.

Our goals

In partnering with Yakadir, we set out to:

  1. Enhance communication: Enable patients, including those within the trans community, to express their experiences through written or voice messages.
  2. Create inclusive spaces: Develop TransÉcoute, a dedicated space within Yakadir for trans people to share their personal stories, feelings, and experiences.
  3. Drive insights: Use the collected data to identify trends and insights, helping improve healthcare services to better meet the needs of trans people.
  4. Support projects: Reward user contributions with points and Yakas, which can be used to support various projects or converted into euros.

How we did it

Developing TransÉcoute

With the invaluable help of the Yakadir team, we created TransÉcoute, a special feature within the Yakadir app. TransÉcoute provides:

  • A safe space for trans people to share their medical and non-medical transition experiences.
  • Ease of use for sharing experiences through text or voice, designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Privacy and safety to ensure users feel secure in sharing their stories.
  • Rewards where users earn points and Yakas for their contributions, fostering engagement and supporting meaningful initiatives.

Integrating user experience

We focused on making TransÉcoute:

  • Simple and accessible: An easy-to-navigate interface that encourages participation.
  • Anonymously supportive: Ensuring user privacy while offering a non-judgmental space.
  • Engaging and rewarding: A points and Yakas system that allows users to support causes they care about or convert into euros.

What we achieved

Increasing visibility and support

TransÉcoute has significantly enhanced visibility and support for trans people on the Yakadir platform. It offers a much-needed space for individuals to share their journeys, fostering a sense of community and understanding.

Data-driven improvements

By using NLP to analyze shared experiences, we’ve gained valuable insights into the specific challenges and needs of trans healthcare users. This data is crucial for informing and driving improvements in healthcare services, making them more inclusive and responsive.

Empowering users

The Yakadir reward system empowers users by turning their contributions into actionable support for projects or associations, or into monetary value. This not only motivates participation but also encourages a culture of community involvement and support.


Our partnership with Yakadir is a significant step toward enhancing healthcare communication and support for trans people. TransÉcoute has created a dedicated space for the trans community to share their stories and experiences, driving improvements in healthcare and fostering a supportive environment for everyone.

We are proud of this collaboration and grateful to the Yakadir team for their dedication. Together, we’re making a positive impact on the healthcare system, amplifying voices, and creating change.

Download the Yakadir app today to share your experiences and contribute to this exciting initiative. Your voice can help make a real difference in the healthcare system!

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